Itchy Horse Products - Why we don't use Benzyl Benzoate!

Posted by Heather Richardson on

The vast majority of anti-itch skin preparations you can buy for horses who are prone to seasonal skin irritations are based up on the ingredient Benzyl Benzoate.  This ingredient is popular and can be quite effective.  However it can also be a major skin irritant and cause burning, stinging and further itching and soreness, which is the last thing you need when your horse is already sore and itchy! 

The Itchy Horse range of products instead, contains a blend of essential oils which are commonly selected via self selection when a horse or pony presents with seasonal skin irritations.  These essential oils are non-toxic, safe and provide a cooling and soothing relief when applied.  They quickly stop that itch scratch cycle as well as promote healthy mane and tail regrowth.  AND not only that - the aroma helps PREVENT the midges and flies from biting in the first place!

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