Tea Tree, Manuka & Neem Cream

This product is amazing for acne and bacteria infection - review by Sian 31/03/19 

Wonderful for 'cob knee' - review by Andrea Betteridge on 19/08/2016
Dear Heather, I have just used your Tea Tree, Manuka and Neem cream product on my Traditional Gypsy Cob Mare, it is the most successful product I have ever used for managing ''cob knee' the results were truly staggering and the scratching stopped within a day or two. I would highly recommend this product, a natural alternative that works!! Andrea Betteridge, TGCA Director, www.tgca.co.uk

Excellent review by Elizabeth Cowell on 26/11/2016
I use this on the back of my cob's knees which get very sore and cracked. She is quite fidgety normally when putting cream on these sore bits. She is a lot happier to stand and have this cream put on. It's keeping the cracking under control

Other products she didn't like being applied but this she would stand for hours ... review by Ms. Andree L. Ralph on 22/12/2015
Lovely product which really helped soothe and heal our TB's rainscald when she had it. Other products she didn't like being applied but this she would stand for hours as you rubbed it into her skin!

So far so good, it appears to be working review by Janice E Allison on 07/10/2014
So far so good, it appears to be working. My mare Rosie gets mud fever on her heels which I have successfully treated with another product, however she has had two patches on each lower hind for two years. Not bothering her much but looks unsightly and does scab over if I leave it. The cream seems to be encouaging hair growth and I can see small patches coming through. I had to wait a few days for it to arrive but product as described.

Highly Recommended review by laura wiles on 30/09/2014
Astonishing results in only three days on long-standing skin problems both human and canine. Highly recommended.

Good Product! review by H. Madgwick on 28/07/2014
This is great! I've used it on my dog and it seems to be really helping with his allergy ridden skin - flaky, hotspots and scabs.

I also used it on myself when I got a heat rash last week and it stopped the itching straight away!

Brilliant Product review by N. J. Ratcliffe on 12/04/2014
Great value...a little goes a long way. Healed a dogs gashed pad in 3 weeks that vets wanted to operate on. It gets used for alsorts now!

Stinks, but good for healing skin problems review by Adam Short on 29/01/2014
I've been using this on my skin whenever my eczema becomes too bad for simple moisturisers to keep it under control. It works wonders in healing the skin and getting it back under control without resorting to steroid creams. If you suffer from the kind of eczema that can go from dry patches to nasty, oozing red patches at the drop of a hat, this is the stuff for you. Just rub a bit on, wince a little as it stings, then marvel the following morning when your skin looks pretty well healed. I use it on my neck, mainly, as that's the area I have trouble with most, but it's effective everywhere. It says on the tub that it's meant for animals, well, we're all animals, right? Hasn't done me any harm yet. The smell is a bit unpleasant, a bit like garlic and onions, but if you can cope with that you'll be fine. This tub costs less, pound for pound, than other similar creams (ones advertised for humans) and yeah, maybe those smell a bit nicer, but this stuff works, and the tub I bought over a month ago is still going strong.

cures everything review by Penny on 16/10/2013
cured my scabby feet, my granddaughter had small wart like things on her leg,these seemed to go down overnight. I had a reoccurring redness of the skin on my face, all gone within 3days. Just also used inside my nose which was horrible after a long flight, something to do with the air conditioning which happens every time too me. shame it can't cure my dodgy back!

You can use this on people too! review by Honor Bray on 23/08/2013
Bought this for my eczema and it worked wonders!

Completely gone in a week, only applied a little once a day.
I also burnt my hand with the kettle, whacked some of this on after cold water and it was like I'd never poured boiling water over my hand! (Accident prone!)

Good Cream review by Canine lady on 22/08/2013
I received my cream the very next day after placing my order, so ultra fast delivery. I used it on my dogs sore face and it did help with some of the healing. Unfortunately he had a 'hotspot' and scratched it so badly I had to seek veterinary treatment, but if his infection had not been so acute and fast spreading, I feel it would have helped more. I still recommend for all the uses that are mentioned it could treat. Good service.

A fantastic product review by Franki on 08/07/2013
I bought this for my family use and the pets. My horse was suffering from the effects of midges around his tail, I only put this on twice and all the sore scabs disappeared. My daughter had a verruca from about 6 months, tried everything and it was just growing and getting very sore. I used this cream for a week and couldnt believe how fast it was disappearing, it has now gone completely.

Would thoroughly recommend.


Lavender, Manuka & Neem Cream

saving grace review by gabrielle on 15/01/2017
Hi i have been using the lavender /neem manuka for a lady who is covered with spots head to toes.  this cream means she can sleep .it is fantastic.  I have probably used 4 pots maybe more.  ordering again.  thank you thank you. gaby


Itchy Horse Cream Plus

Amazing results! - review by Louise on 08/07/201
I started using on my horse a week ago. He always starts getting itchy in July and will rub his mane, tail and face. At this time of year he will frantically rub particularly in the morning. Within 2 days of starting to use he has stopped scratching!! I am delighted and would highly recommend. Worth every penny.

Itchy Horse Gel Plus

Excellent Product, it really works! - review by Karen Potter on 03/09/2016
We have lots of midges near our stables, so evening and first thing in a morning can be a nightmare . Rubbed manes and 'bog brush' tails!! I have tried all sorts of products but found the summer relief gel to certainly be the most effective ( I'll probably continue using it during winter too, when we can sometimes get warmer evenings and the midges are out).

It is so easy to put on (my big boy is terrified of sprays so the gel is ideal) , it really lasts , you can still smell it the next day, and don't need much.

It has a very distinctive but pleasant smell! I will definitely be buying more !

Does what it says on the tin! - review by Carina on 11/07/2016
I'm onto my second bottle. It has done a great job of keeping the flies away, and also seems very soothing. The pump action means it lasts longer than other products I've used in the past. It has also done a good job of helping the tail grow thicker.