Muddy Horse Winter Survival Pack 25% Discount

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Muddy Horse Winter Survival Pack with a 25% Discount
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Pack Includes:

1 x Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Cream
1 x Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Barrier Balm
1 x Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Wash

The Muddy Horse range of products are designed to help cleanse and protect the skin from the harsh effects of mud and wet weather.

The products contain high levels of natural antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients.

Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Wash is a low lather easy rinse cleansing wash that is free from Sulphates and other such harsh chemicals. It contains naturally anti-bacterial essential oils, along with Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn and Argan essential oils.

Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Cream is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and promotes healthy skin in wet muddy conditions by providing a light protective barrier.

Muddy Horse Anti-Bac Barrier Balm creates a superb natural waterproof yet breathable barrier against wet and mud.